Scripts are So Important

Scripts are So Important

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Scripts are So Important

What you say or what you write matters. This is the reason for the importance of your script. Without the script, you cannot convey your message in corporate video production. The script is also the basis on the video and the theme. A good script then is essential to the success of any video production. There are certain things that you need to be reminded, regarding the script.

A Template can be Useful

Often it is difficult to start from scratch. It is the experience of,which a template can be useful when starting off with your video script. The template gives you the first few steps, but not all. It is like giving you access to a few steps of stairs. You then have to go the next steps on your own. Templates give you ideas that you can recycle, reinvent or reintroduce. This does not stifle creativity. On the other hand, it will enhance creative genius.

Use the 8-second technique

This technique is time proven and has been used by all video production scripts. You need to use the first 8 seconds of your script to relay the main message or your keyword, in online language. If you do not deliver your keyword, the attention of the viewer will go somewhere else after the 8-second mark. To be sure that your keyword gets out on time, relay it on or before the 8-second mark. Trust the experts on this one.

Target your 7 to 9 seconds

This is an addition to the 8-second technique. This simply states that you must wrap it up in seven to nine seconds. All the rest of the video will deal with enhancements and video correlations that will still direct the viewer to product or service. It is amazing that content can be condensed in such a short time. Short does not mean incomplete. You can put things in acompact format and still accomplish your goal. This is just how things work nowadays.

Be Short and Sweet

In corporate video production, keep everything short and sweet. Avoid being trapped in the perfectionist trap. If you get to aperfectionist, you will end up with a long video that no one will view up to the end. Being short may involve less than 10 seconds for a YouTube advert. It can even be just 5 seconds, and it will get the work done. Do this in a sweet manner though. Sweet means that your flavor is something that is pleasing to the viewer. The viewer will not shut off a sweet themed video.

Stay on Track

The temptation of a short video is to cram everything in less than 10 seconds. This includes the video and the script and this has happened to many videos. Although this is can happen, do not forget that you need to stay on track. There must be consistency and fluency in the short video. This will allow it to be easily received as experienced by

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