What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing and SEO

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing and SEO

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Digital marketing is delivering strategies using different mediums like the internet, mobile phones, social media, electronic billboards, including digital television and different radio channels. In short, the digital marketing is the modern idea of marketing your products and services for a successful lead. It can also use the SEO marketing strategy in which the use of search engines can help websites to be on top of the search results to get to their target audience. Both of the digital marketing and the SEO or search engine optimization plays a vital role in every marketing strategy that the business can think of.

There are different types of digital marketing that you can refer to and those are the affiliate marketing, email marketing, display marketing, social networking and others. The affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where there is a reward given to an affiliate who can bring visitors or customers to the business with their own marketing effort. The email marketing is using email to contact or to message their target audience regarding their business invitation. Marketing or advertising on the websites where you can see different texts, images, and videos, flash is called display advertising. Its purpose is to deliver brand messages to the site visitors. Then the social networking is using different social networking sites to deliver messages of different brands regarding their business. This is with the same purpose of reaching the target audience. There is digital marketing agency in Berkshire that is expert in digital marketing. You can search them online as well.


White Label SEO or search engine optimization is a process of getting the website visible in the search engine’s natural results. In short, once the website is on top of the list, the more it can get visitors. The optimization of a website needs some editing of its content the HTML and other associated coding that can increase the relevance to the specific keywords. It also aims to remove the barriers to indexing activity that the search engines do. If you will be looking for seo company in Berkshire you can also find them through search engines.

The digital marketing and the SEO are going to work with each other because it is significant to get the target audience with the use of both strategies. There are still different kinds of digital marketing that can be used, meaning businesses can still do other strategies if the first one they did will not work. There are always other digital marketing strategies that can be utilized.

Technology is quickly evolving and that includes the marketing or advertising of the products and services of each business. Though digital marketing is just one of the advertising techniques that business can do, it is still significant. Other marketing strategies may help, but then it is still faster to use the digital ones because the target audience is always on the internet. The most common is the social media where people are always on.

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What are the Effects of Social Media Marketing

What are the Effects of Social Media Marketing

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In the business, world marketing is essential for you to have consumers to take part in your business venture. The demonstration of social media marketing has significantly affected so many marketers and developers such as at http://www.ikandy.co. Keep in mind that there are as well so many businessmen that are building their brands and at the same time connect with people who may be interested in the products or services that you are offering. The role of social media is critical in the lives of your consumers because this is where they will connect with you whenever and whatever concerns them.

Active social users are most likely to be found responding to your website. These are the people who have actively taken part of your business. So, this means that you must appreciate as well what they are doing for your business to grow. If you must know, there are about 7 out of 10 consumers who are writing their reviews about the product or services that you are showcasing. Gender comparison, women are more likely to spend their time giving out what they think whereas it is rarely for men to do put it into words. Overall, review and product rating is important for your business website.


According to research, it shows that the use of social media marketing I where you will see the loyalty of your consumers as well. It is where you will see what type of product or services that most of your consumers are using or became as their favorite. Some products will benefit to different kinds of customers that you have, and sometimes your consumers are the ones that promote your products to their friends by also posting it to their social media.

Recommendation area, this is where most of other consumers who have purchased your product will write what they think of your services and the product too. This is where most people will discover a particular type of brand that gives the interest to try and buy your product or services. Eventually, individuals who end up loving your product or services will surely recommend it to their friends who are also another way for your business to grow and enhance your product too in case you need to change few things. It is also through their suggestion that you will encounter many pieces of advice from other companies as well who thinks you can have the potential to expand and change for the benefit of your consumers.

On the other hand, there are as well interesting trends that will make your item or services becomes a trend, and this is because of the people who are somehow helping you traffic your website and or social media either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This will also contribute to recruiting more followers or if not viewers to any of your social media platform. Collaborating with other social media users also helps in getting more views and followers which are also an advantage to your part.

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Two Items, One Agency: SEO and PPC!

Two Items, One Agency: SEO and PPC!

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Until recently, it was common practice to split your digital marketing between an agency specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO) and one specialising in pay per click advertising (PPC). This approach made sense as agencies often focused on one aspect over the other.

As digital marketing has established itself as an essential facet of business, the lines between these two forms of marketing have blurred and now it is arguably a more sensible choice to keep all aspects of your digital marketing strategy under one agency’s roof. If anything, SEO and PPC are becoming increasingly important to each other. Companies like http://southcoastmarketinggroup.com can really help.6

If you look at a search result page on Google, you will note that the list of results is more often a mixture of both paid and organic listings. Google has announced plans to include paid adverts and pins in local search results and search results on Google Maps so it is fair to assume that integration of SEO and PPC is only going to increase. Google has been the leading name in online advertising for so long that when many people think of Adwords when they think of PPC.  This made appearing in targeted search essential, meaning that SEO and PPC could be placed under the umbrella term of ‘search marketing’. Then social media rose in prominence.

With networks such as Facebook and Twitter becoming ever more influential, PPC developed to mean paid search as well as paid social, which muddied the waters as social and content marketing were added to the mixture. It is now common for your SEO to reference content marketing and your PPC expert to extoll the benefits of social media. Digital marketing is no longer a selection of separate practices managed by different professionals; they work in conjunction with each other. A successful digital marketing campaign will include aspects of SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing. Remember that PPC and SEO go hand in hand.

When digital marketing was in its infancy, employing different agencies to cover different roles was commonplace. You would have one on board to handle website design, one for further development and optimisation and a range of others, depending on the number of different marketing channels you pursued. It was unwieldy and difficult to manage.

There was no such thing as a unified marketing campaign; each was only interested in their chosen practice.

By bringing everything under one banner, you cut out any competition that may grow between the agencies you use. Everyone is clear on the aim of the campaign and can work in unison to see to its maximum potential. When PPC needs to take the lead, it can. If those working on the PPC campaign need assistance from the SEO team, they are there ready to help; there is no waiting for returned calls or a lengthy email conversation.

To take control of your company’s digital marketing strategy, bring all facets of your online marketing under one roof. You will not regret it.


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How Do Digital Agencies Work?

How Do Digital Agencies Work?

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In virtually all areas of digital marketing, you are dealing with a large number of unknowns.

The best search marketers on the planet will admit that they cannot guarantee where your site will rank in a year’s time, let alone one month. The same can be said for social media marketers, content marketers etc. As such, predicted outcomes are usually nothing more than calculated guesses. If you’re working with an experienced consultant, the likelihood is that it’ll be a pretty good guess, out even the best marketers are susceptible to overestimating their abilities, and not taking into account external factors. One of the best thing you can do, as a client, to mitigate against this is to separate fact from speculation, and differentiate outputs from outcomes. Ask your consultant to explain what aspects of their proposal are based on speculation, and what is/isn’t guaranteed.


Replace as many unknowns (e.g. revenue estimates, traffic estimates, and conversion rates) with real numbers, and be conservative. Better to be pleasantly surprised than unpleasantly surprised.

Once you’re happy with your consultant’s strategy and forecasts, expect them. In a famous experiment, Harvard professor Robert Rosenthal found that the expectations of those around us do influence our results, even when those people never share their expectations with us. Digital marketing is a process that takes time to reach a desired result. Think of it like running a bath – you can’t turn the tap on and have a full bath in a matter of seconds. Unlike running a bath, which fills at a linear rate (if you run a bath for twice as long it’ll be twice as full), digital marketing growth tends to happen exponentially in growth spurts. Take this website for example – here’s a screenshot of our traffic: Of course, the work in the first twelve months contributed to the 600% growth spurt, but imagine if I had fired the digital marketer (in this instance, myself) after the six-month milestone on the basis that we had only achieved a tiny amount of growth during this period? Had that been the case, I think it’s unlikely we would have grown by 600% in months 12-16.

The flip side of the coin is that you probably pay your consultant on a linear monthly retainer. It’s understandable that many clients get itchy feet when they find that there has been very little growth after months of paying for consultancy. So, when is enough – enough? Ultimately, it depends on a number of variables, such as the age of the business, the amount of time spent by the consultant, and the type of digital marketing campaign in question. For example, it typically takes longer to generate results from an SEO or content marketing campaign, than a paid search or social advertising campaign. Companies like southcoastmarketingroup.com can help you with your search. That said, virtually all aspects of digital marketing grow gradually, and then suddenly. If you’re not seeing a gradual improvement in your campaign over the first six months, it might be time to investigate the reason why. In defence of the great digital marketers who sometimes don’t achieve desired results, a lack of tangible results can be due to the client’s business model, or unwillingness / inability to implement recommendations quickly. Generally speaking, though, the issue is most likely to reside in the consultant’s strategy, especially if the business has achieved good results in the past.

If this is the case, be patient, but be ready to move on if you suspect your consultant isn’t being effective or generating the results they anticipated.

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